How far in advance do I need to order with Bite Me?

The sooner the better as dates do often book up in advance, however I try my very best to fulfil any last minute orders as well, so it's always worth checking if I can fit your order in! Wedding cakes are usually ordered around 12 months in advance.

How do I contact you?

You can contact me to order your cake via email at, by direct message via my Facebook or instagram or using the contact form on this website! I try and reply to everyone as quickly as I can but please don't worry if you don't get a response from me straight away - Bite Me is an independent, one woman business and my time is split between making your cakes and talking to you!

Can cakes be delivered or do I need to collect?

Wedding cakes have delivery and set up included in the price. All other cakes are generally made for collection however if this isn't possible, delivery is something that can always be arranged.

Can you cater to my dietary requirements?

I use eggs in the majority of my cakes but I will always try to cater to any dietary requirements, allergies and/or intolerance's you might have. Gluten free can always be accommodated and I'm more than happy to discuss the possibility of doing anything else. It's not always possible to meet your dietary needs depending on what cake or bake you want but please do get in touch to enquire about this as I will always do my best.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A non-refundable deposit is required for all orders. Once I've received your deposit, your date and order will be secured in my diary.  

How do I pay you?

Payment can be made in cash or via bank transfer. If you decide to pay cash, this is payable on collection of your order, if you'd like to pay via bank transfer, this must be received and confirmed prior to collection. For wedding cakes, full payment must be made 3 weeks prior to your date. Payment can be made in cash or via bank transfer - whatever is more convenient for you.

How will my order come?

Your cake will come on a cake board, in a cake box. It may not always be possible for a lid to be secured on to the cake box depending on the size of your cake and any toppers that may be attached but the lid can still be taken for later on once the cake has been cut! If you're travelling with the cake or need to ensure that the cake comes in a box, hidden with a secure lid, please let me know when ordering so I can make arrangements for this!

Cupcakes come in a cupcake box and all other orders come in relevant packaging.

How do I look after my cake?

I will always advise you how best to keep your specific cake when you come to collect it. Cakes should be kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources. 

Any cakes that have been put in the fridge should be left out at room temperature for at least an hour before serving, chocolate cakes should be taken out of the fridge a few hours earlier if possible. 

Fondant cakes or cakes with handmade/edible cake toppers/sugar flowers must not be kept in the refrigerator as this will cause changes/damage to the icing and the structure of the cake.and can destroy the overall look of your cake. Once a cake is covered in fondant it is sealed and the cake will stay fresh for longer without the need for refrigeration.  

All orders should be kept in the provided packaging until they're needed.

When transporting your cake or orders, place them in the boot of the car which should be kept clear, or in the front passenger footwell. Carrying the cake on a lap or placing it on a seat is unsteady, uneven and is very likely to lead to damage which may be irreparable. No orders should be left in the car for any length of time - only for the purpose of transport. If your event is at a venue, it's advised that you take your cake straight there to reduce the amount of time spent in transport.

Do you cater to professional events?

Yes, Bite Me is more than happy to provide cakes or bakes for any type of event and has plenty of experience working with professional events including orders for new business launches and company parties. Almost everything can be personalised to include logos, including cakes, biscuits & meringues.

Can I sell your cakes in my shop?

Yes, Bite Me provides cakes and baked goods for wholesale to businesses that would like to sell Bite Me products.

I like a cake you've done before or have a picture of the cake that I'd like - can you reproduce it for me?

I'm always happy to take inspiration from other cakes that you've seen and like but no 2 cakes are ever exactly the same.

Can you source all of the decorations for the cake?

I can source and arrange everything needed for the design and decoration of your cake, from personalised toppers to flower arrangements. I recommend doing it this way so that I can put it all together and make sure it all ties in well and is secure as well as being of good quality and food safe.

Can I source my own cake toppers and decorations?

If you have cake toppers that you'd like to get yourself, that's absolutely fine and I#'m happy to recommend places to source these from for you. I'm always happy for these to be given to me prior to your cake being made if you'd prefer me to assemble them. If you're having fresh flowers on the cake, I do specify that they're done by me for the purposes of quality, safety and design. I don't provide cakes that are going to have flowers added on or changed at a later time by someone else. 


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