Starting Prices

Prices for cakes vary entirely depending on level of detail and decoration required,. Prices below are based on a simple, buttercream iced cake and will increase from there.


start at £2 each - minimum order 6 cupcakes

miniature cupcakes start at £1 each - minimum order 20

Cupcake Bouquet (holds 7 cupcakes)- £22


6" - £35

8" - £45

10" - £60

12" - £75


Start at £1 each. Minimum order of 10

Gourmet Brownie Slabs

9" square - £18

Wholesale also available



Cake flavours can be paired with different buttercreams and extra fillings are always available

Classic Victoria:

Vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream and strawberry/raspberry jam

Double Chocolate:

Moist, fudgey chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream


Lemon drizzle sponge with lemon buttercream. Can add lemon curd.

Lemon & White Choc:

Lemon drizzle sponge with a smooth white chocolate buttercream. Lemon curd also pairs well with this inside the cake for an extra hit of lemon.


Light, subtle caramel sponge with caramel buttercream. Add caramel/salted caramel for extra indulgence.

Cookies & Cream:

Rich chocolate cake with a cookies and cream buttercream. Add crushed chocolate cookies for a special touch.


Moist chocolate cake with nutella flavoured buttercream and nutella drizzled between each layer

Cherry Bakewell

Light almond sponge with almond buttercream and a delicious cherry conserve.


chocolate ganache (white or dark)

fruit preserves

mint chocolate

chocolate orange




When you order a cake, the size is usually determined by how many servings you need to get. The guide below will give you and indication of the maximum number of portions you'll get from different sized cakes. These are based on 1 inch portions (think the sort of sizes you'd get at a wedding - see my instagram story highlights for a video of how to cut your cake in this way) so if you want bigger slices from your cake I'd advise going a size up but please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding cake sizes and servings!


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