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Hi, I'm Ash!
I work single handedly from my kitchen in East Sussex, where I live with my little family - my partner and my 2 boys (1 and 6). 2022 has been the craziest year yet and it's been an absolute honour to be chosen for all of the weddings, first birthdays, milestone birthdays (and all the ones in between!), graduations, christenings & baptisms, anniversaries and engagements and more.

A lot of love and hard work goes in to everything I make and I hope that shows!

What I Offer

I offer a whole range of luxury goodies that I've tirelessly tried and tested over the past few years on a quest for perfection. From wedding cakes and favours to dessert tables and treat boxes.

I take orders for all occasions - I offer set products for holidays such as Mothers Day, Easter and Christmas but I take bespoke and custom orders all year round. 

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