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information and terms

Bare with me - this part gets a bit wordy. But these are the important bits to know before ordering or collecting your cake from me! If you have any questions, please do pop me a message!

Contact Times

Sunday & Monday are non-working days.

I aim to  reply to messages and emails as quickly as I can but during busy periods, please allow up to 72 working hours for a response.


Get in touch via email or the contact form on this website. When you get in touch, please give me as much information as possible - date the cake needs to be collected, what size or how many servings you need from the cake, any design ideas or preferences you have and what flavour you'd like. The more information you give me, the quicker I can give you an accurate price and get your order booked in!

Allergies & Dietary Requirements

It's very important that you let me know of any allergies or dietary requirements before placing your order. My kitchen stores and handles a wide range of ingredients including dairy, eggs and nuts so it's not possible to guarantee that there'll be no trace of these. It is up to you to ensure your guests are safe to eat your cake and to let them know of any allergens - I'll be more than happy to give you a list of allergens and ingredients used if this is needed for any guests that might need to know this before eating your cake. Please be aware that I cannot be held responsible for any allergy or dietary requirements that I have not been told about.


A deposit must be paid to secure your order in my diary. You will be given all of the necessary details needed to pay this. Your order is not secured or booked in until this deposit has been received.

If you haven't sent over a deposit within 48 hours, your date may be booked by someone else so please check with me again before paying a deposit after this time.

All deposits are non-refundable.


Once the deposit has been paid, the remainder of the price is due on collection. If you wish to pay in full instead of paying a deposit, that is absolutely fine.

Payment can be made in cash or via bank transfer but please be aware that if you're paying via bank transfer, this needs to be done and confirmed prior to you coming to collect your order. Cash can be paid at the time of collection.

Orders cannot be collected until full payment has been received.


Collection date will be arranged upon booking in your cake - collection time may be arranged closer to the date. Once a time has been arranged, please stick to this time. If something happens that means you can't collect when arranged, please let me know as soon as possible. If you don't turn up to collect at the agreed time, it may be necessary to re-arrange your collection to another time or date.

Once you've collected your order, it is no longer my responsibility and I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to it once it's left my premises. If any damage does occur, you're more than welcome to contact me and I'll see if I can repair it for an additional cost.

Transporting your Cake

Your cake will come in a cardboard box suitable for the weight of your cake. Lids don't always fit on depending on the decoration on top of the cake but this is always available for you to take away too.

When carrying your cake, hold it from the bottom. Avoid holding it at the sides - this can cause the box to stick to the sides of the cake and is likely to cause damage.

If you're transporting your cake or other baked goods in a car, ensure there is plenty of clear, clean space to place them. They should be placed in the boot or passenger footwell - I do not recommend putting them on a seat or lap. Make sure the heating is turned off and, if possible, have some air con on.

If possible, take your cake or other goodies straight to the venue where it'll be needed to reduce the amount of time it spends being moved around. Do not leave the cake in the car any longer than necessary for transporting.


Cakes can be delivered locally, for a small extra fee. If you're ordering a wedding cake or dessert table, this will come included in the price unless requested otherwise.

When cakes are delivered and set up, they're done so in a way to keep them as safe and stable as possible. Once left, the responsibility is then yours or your venues to keep the cake/goods in the condition I've left them in and provide the optimum setting to keep them that way, for example avoiding moving the cake, keeping the temperature cool so the cake doesn't melt and so on.

Storing Your Cake and Baked Goods

You'll be advised upon collection of the best way to store your cake. If it has sugar paste details, it's not recommended to put it in the fridge as this can affect those. Keep it somewhere cool and out of direct heat or sunlight. 

If there are no sugar paste details, you can store your cake in the fridge until your event. You might want to remove it from the fridge an hour or so before cutting to let the cake come back up to room temperature ready for eating.

Biscuits will all come individually packaged in your choice of presentation and will stay fresh for 6+ weeks when kept this way.

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